Hardware & Software Requirements


Students in the Online Robotics program will be required to lease a new laptop from Lake Area Tech. Laptops will be customized with software specifically for the Online Robotics program and also include access to the LATI network when on campus for labs. Laptop Specifications.


Staff of professionally trained individuals is available at the Helpdesk to assist you with problems, questions or minor repairs you may encounter with your laptop. If your leased laptop requires long-term repair, a loaner laptop will be provided. The Helpdesk is located in the IT Department. Some questions or problems may be resolved by contacting helpdesk at helpdesk@lakeareatech.edu or 1-800-657-4344 ext 280.


A three year warranty coverage is included in the semester lease fee. This warranty covers parts and labor. A three year Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) warranty is also included as part of your lease based on the manufacturers protection policy. The battery is under warranty for one year from date of purchase.


The cost of the laptop is approximately $400/semester for four semesters. The laptop lease contract is complete when all required payments are received and the check-out process at the end of training is completed.

High Speed Internet

It is very important to have a high speed internet connection (cable or DSL). Dial up connections may make it difficult or impossible to attain some of the program content. Your internet provider will provide the software and access necessary to receive the online materials needed to take this course.