Course Requirements

Since South Dakota is a rural state and travel time between communities may be prolonged, the online program has been developed to meet the needs of people in smaller communities and remote locales who are unable to enroll in a traditionally structured on-campus program. Working individuals who are less mobile may obtain an associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology without having to move to Watertown. You will have to travel to LATI for a laboratory component for each course taken however. Generally these sessions will consist of one, two, or three day training on the LATI campus. These laboratory session dates and times will be determined prior to the start of the course. (A minimum of 8 hours will be spent in lab for every course credit hour. For a 3 credit class—at least 24 hours will be spent on campus.)

All MLT classes will be offered online in a staggered sequence (see schedule). General education classes may be transferred in, taken on campus, or taken from any accredited college or university.