Med Fire Rescue

Med Fire Rescue

No Ordinary Job

In crisis situations, people’s lives often depend on the quick and highly skilled reaction of emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, and firefighters. The fast pace and intense situations in this field require emergency personnel to be emotionally steady, focused, compassionate, and physically strong.

You never know what the day will bring with a career in Med/Fire Rescue! You might:

  • Control and/or extinguish fires
  • Protect lives and property
  • Administer emergency/lifesaving services
  • Assist in disaster recovery
  • Provide aircraft fire rescue
  • Control and clean-up hazardous chemical spills

What can I expect?

We’ve revised our program to include more options for you. Earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Med/Fire Rescue and receive a solid foundation in the medical and fire-fighting aspects of this career. Or, after the first year, move to the Emergency Medical Specialist option and focus on patient care and “behind the scenes” processes like billing and coding for insurance claims and using electronic health records. Both of these options are 20-month programs. Another option is to earn a Paramedic diploma after completing the first 12 months of the program. Our latest option is the Online Emergency Medical Technician - Certification Only option that can be completed online in one semester. Students in this option will complete most of the coursework online, but will visit campus for testing, skill practice, and hands-on learning.


Our Med/Fire Rescue grads are earning great wages just six months after graduation averaging $20.02 an hour! Read more in our latest placement report.


Our Med/Fire Rescue program has been approved for accreditation by the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications – Committee on Accreditation for the following levels and standards:

· NFPA472, Hazardous Materials Awareness, 2008 Edition
· NFPA 472, Hazardous Materials Operations – CORE Competencies and mission Specific Competencies: Product Control and Personal Protective Equipment, 2008 Edition
· NFPA 1001, Firefighter I and II, 2008 Edition
· NFPA 1003, Airport Firefighter, 2010 Edition

LATI’s Med/Fire Rescue program is the only program in the region to have both the Pro Board accreditation and Paramedic Program accreditation through CoAEMSP – Committee on Accreditation for the EMS Professions.
Contact information is as follows: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, 1361 Park Street, Clearwater, FL 33756. The phone number is 727-210-2350 and it is on the web at Students in programs which customarily lead to professional licensure are responsible for determining whether or not this program or course meets requirements for licensure in the state in which the student resides or intends to reside upon graduation. We encourage you to contact the licensure agency noted above for additional information or the program faculty for assistance.
Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions contact information is: 8301 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 111-312, Rowlett TX 75088. The phone/fax numbers are (214) 703-8445 and FAX (214) 703-8992. Find them on the web at

CoAEMSP required Paramedic disclosure information for 2014 and 2015 classes:
National Registry Exam, first time pass rate: 57%
National Registry Exam, pass rate: 86%
Retention/Graduation rate: 89%
Positive Placement rate: 93%

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