Visual Communications Specialist Option

Do you have a flair for creativity? Do you think of yourself as ‘techy’? Then our Visual Communications Specialist option just might be the program for you. As a student, you’ll learn the skills needed to work in a fast-paced, creative environment. Visual Communication Specialists master video, animation, and editing programs that give them an edge in the world of web development, graphic design, and multimedia production.

Businesses everywhere need visual communication specialists to develop the most up-to-date graphics and communication creations. At LATI, expect a solid foundation in graphics and database design, networking, multimedia production, web apps, animation, and more to prepare you for your dream career. During this 18-month program, you will spend around 80% of your time working on projects and you’ll also gain real-world experience during your 240-hour internship Job opportunities are waiting for you in design studios, advertising and marketing agencies, newspapers, magazine and book publishers, and even interactive media and web design firms. Let us help you get there!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a higher than average job growth in this area.

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Successful Graduates

I am currently one of only two web designer/developers who work for South Dakota's Bureau of Information and Telecommunications. I have designed some very high profile websites, including Governor Daugaard's website, South Dakota Retirement System's Website, South Dakota Public Broadcasting's website and the new governor's team transition website. The second half of my job is being a web services specialist. These duties consist of troubleshooting network issues with websites, security problems, mentoring other developers, new application/website testing, user issues and preparing sites and programs for infrastructure changes. My education at Lake Area was more than enough preparation for these duties. The hands-on approach taken throughout the curriculum enabled me to excel in my job here at state from the first day I was employed. I have, and will continue to recommend taking Computer Information Systems at Lake Area Tech to anyone interested in the computer field.
Brenda Block
Employed by South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications
Pierre, SD