Network Specialist Option

Computer Information Systems

Be a part of the employment wave.  Businesses everywhere are hiring IT specialists to install, troubleshoot and support computer network systems. LATI's Network Specialist option offers A+ certification in PC maintenance, an industry standard that will place you firmly on top of the hiring pile.

This 20 month option provides extreme hands-on training. As a student, you can expect to spend around 80% of your time actually honing the skills of a network specialist. To make sure you have the job experience you'll need, we also require a 240 hour internship.

"The growing use of sophisticated computer networks and Internet and intranet sites, and the need for faster, more efficient networking products will result in a higher than average job growth in this area." Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Successful Graduates

"After graduating from Lake Area Tech I got a job at Connecting Point Computer Center in Watertown, where I repair laptop and desktop computers. After only three months I am moving up in the company and showing my skills. At Lake Area Tech, I learned by working on real life networking and computer problems. That experience helps me out every day at work. Thanks to LATI's hands-on training I'm ready for anything that comes my way!"
Travis Weyh
Employed at Connecting Point Computer Center
Watertown, SD