Agri-Business E-Degree

How does an E-Degree work?

As an Agri-Business E-Degree student, you'll take online courses through LATI's eLearning system. Most of your time learning will be done at home, so you’ll only spend limited time on campus. But when you do, you’ll be learning in our new Ag Center!

Why an E-Degree?

LATI E-Degrees are “hybrid” - an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. What’s great about that is you can keep your day job (work, raise kids) and still get a degree. With hybrid education, you get maximum flexibility to study when and where you want, but you’ll still get the chance to learn on-campus with LATI instructors on selected projects.

How long will it take?

The Agri-Business E-Degree is a 20-month program.

About Agri-Business:

If you’re interested in agriculture and have a flair for business, then our online option for Agri-Business just might be for you! LATI’s Ag programs have a superior reputation and now we’re offering three options online, including the Agri-Business option. After completion of the program, you’ll earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Agri-Business. Your new degree will open up job opportunities in the ag business world including ag supply businesses, cooperatives, ag sales positions, and working at or managing a farming operation, to name a few. Agriculture is South Dakota’s number one industry, so earning your degree online will put you on the fast track to a great job in the world of agriculture.

Earning an online degree in Agri-Business is possible! Give us a call today or contact us online with any questions you might have.

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