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Dual Credit Enrollment

2016 Dual Credit Registration

Welcome to the Dual Credit Enrollment webpage. The information here will be helpful for:

  • High school students who are interested in enrolling in a dual credit (also known as dual status) class at Lake Area Technical Institute
  • Parents of students interested in enrolling in dual credit classes
  • High school counselors or administrators

If you’re a high school student who is interested in gaining knowledge in an area of study at Lake Area Tech, then dual credit enrollment might be an option for you. Dual credit enrollment means high school juniors and seniors can enroll in one of many classes right here at LATI (on-campus and/or online) and potentially earn college credit toward your desired career area. Click on these links for more information:

2017 Spring Dual Credit Courses Offerings

Dual Credit Application

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As a parent of a potential dual credit student, you most likely have questions regarding your child becoming a dual credit student. Below you’ll find a link to some of the most common questions parents have about this process.

Frequently Asked Questions For Parents of Dual Credit Students

No. Students must complete and submit an application and be accepted to LATI. Applications are accepted beginning September 1, for the following year (some programs have specific deadlines that supersede). Students must meet LATI’s admission standards and are not guaranteed acceptance.
No. Your student can use their login information to share with you, but there is not a parent portal as students are considered college students. LATI complies with all FERPA guidelines and all non-directory information cannot be shared unless the student grants permission. Please see the FERPA permission sheet to obtain permission.
No. Instructors follow the Federal FERPA privacy guidelines when dealing with anyone other than the student. We want each student to become independent and prefer the communication occur between the student and instructor. Dual credit students follow the same standards as LATI students.
No. Parents cannot request a grade report, but the student can view and print their unofficial transcript from the Student Portal. Students can request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office. Final semester grades will be provided to the high school of record at the end of the semester.
Students should ask their instructors for any assistance or help with concerns. Taking college courses for the first time can be filled with anxiety. Please encourage your child to communicate with the instructor and to remain patient. If your child is still having concerns, LATI provides free tutors, free counseling and other services to help your child be successful. You can find more information about those services on our Educational Services page or our Counseling Services page.


High School Counselors or Administrators
High school counselors or administrators play an important role in helping the high school student become a successful dual credit student. Below are some helpful links to information related to the process.

Career Interest Inventory

Successful Online Student Survey